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Setting up of a Business

I have been working towards establishing startups. Have about 6 years of experience in the same. Have been with flipkart at a stage when it was getting mature. Have used my experience in establishing multiple startups.

Profitability and Sustenance in Mind

Wherever I worked, my focus has always been in establishing processes which help organisations be profitable. Profit is the motive of business, without profit it does not make sense. My focus in all my startups has always been self sustenance. Startups Investor's money is for experimentation and to take risks, but if the business dynamics are not right the burn will never stop.

Importance of Operations and Supply Chain

Delivering product at right price is very important in this market. Also its important to excel in clients minds. In order to do that on need to excel in each and every small and big aspects of a business. Delivery on time with quality is important.

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